Our novelties : The Mini.Koug ®
The flagship of the traditional,
Alsatian Gastronomy 

reviewed by the designers,
of IDEE Association
(Innovation Design et expériences)
Contemporary review of the traditional kouglof,
initiated by IDee,
non-profit organization committed to
promote design at the design Road 2007. 

This project was carried out with support
of the Alsace region, CCI of Bas-Rhin,
Jean-Philippe Goehry and CAD indus company.
© IDee2007 http://info.idee.free.fr
MINIKOUG Siegfried-Burger
Models of the cake mould and cakes with copyright.
Made in France
Cream & red hearts Red & cream hearts Grey & red hearts Blue decoration Red decoration Yellow decoration Apple decoration Grey decoration Blue 4 points False wood Plain color