a Mini.Koug recipe for aperitif
5 Mini.kougs for aperitif «Bacon and Walnuts»
 Pour 5 moulds, 100 g pdr mould
 200 g flour
 60 g milk
 4 g salt
 20 g sugar

 12 g de yeast 
 40 g butter
 60 g walnuts
 80 g bacon
 1 big egg (60 g)
In place of the bacon nuts mixture, put 100 g of chopped stoved snails in butter, garlic and herbs or also 100 g of prawns stoved in the same way.
Begin to stove the bacon, remove fat and let it cool, chop simply the walnuts and mix them to the bacon.
Beat flour , salt sugar, yeast mixture mixed before in the lukewarm milk and the egg until obtaining a soft dough which falls off the wall of the bowl or the table, add the softened butter and repeat this operation.
Add the bacon mixture and nuts, still struggling a bit to incorporate them into the dough. Cover the container with a towel and let lift the dough until it has doubled in size (~ 1 hour).
When the dough is ready for use let it rest and detail pieces of 20 g well round balls and arrange them per 5 in each mini.koug previously buttered.
Let lift a second time to the edge of the pan. 
Put in a preheated oven at 200 degrees 20 to 25 minutes.
Cool it and
Bon appétit...
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